Vegetarian Vegan Keto Diet Food List For Best Ketogenic Nutrition


Want a vegetarain keto diet list of foods you can and should eat? What about vegans. Can you do a vegan keto diet. – Learn how to start on Keto Diet with this custom keto diet plan that is keto meal plan based on your preferences and lifestyle (that includes vegetarian)

Since more people than ever are going vegan or vegetarian, it makes sense that they would want to jump on the keto diet bandwagon. One thing to get clear about is that the keto diet is all about the fats that you eat. They must be the healthy, least processed fats. Vegans and Vegetarian already consume lots of good fats in the nuts and oils family so, realistically, a vegan or vegetarain can do the keto diet – at least for short term.

The problem comes with the protein count in the macros of a keto diet. At, least for vegans. So can a vegan or vegetarian go on the ketogenic diet. Watch the video to glean the best way this works and a food list that is good for the full macronutrient/ratio aspect of the keto diet.

Then check out the video at about your own personalized custom keto diet plan that shows you how you customize a keto diet to fit your lifestyle (even if it is vegetarian!).

For vegans – IT CAN BE DONE! – I suggest you invest in a vegan keto cookbook like this one at amazon:

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Vegans and Vegetarians can take advantage of a ketogenic diet and get into ketosis to lose weight, improve health, better mental clarity. Whatever your goal. It can be done with a good customized plan, a handy vegan or vegetarian keto diet cookbook and a weekly shopping list that we know works for vegans and or vegetarian striving to get on the ketogenic diet band wagon.

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