Top 4 Healing Herbs for Cleansing Lungs And Respiratory System


Breathing is one of the activity that happens automatically in your body. You don’t even have to think about it while working, sleeping or doing any job. A normal human being usually breathes about 20,000 times in a day. All this is possible only with a healthy respiratory system. Lungs are the most important organs in our breathing process.

These are some of the most beneficial herbs for a good respiratory system. One can try them instead of opting for prescription medicines. These are completely safe and easy to use. These natural remedies not only give you relief but also refresh your body.

Top 4 Healing Herbs for Lung Cleansing and A Good Respiratory System

1. Holy basil.

Acute cough often arises out of infections occurring in the respiratory tract. It might also happen that chronic cough is triggered by an underlying disorder which may be deep rooted in the respiratory tract.

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The inflammation in the airways in the lungs might cause shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Holy basil is one of the most beneficial herbs that helps in the functioning of a healthy respiratory system. Animal studies have found that extracts of holy basil help keep the bronchial airway passages clear. In two trials reported by Kaiser Permanente., asthma patients who took holy basil had better breathing function and fewer attacks.

2. Ashwagandha.

This herb is considered to be quite miraculous and is native to North America and India. The symptoms of common cold or flu can be warded off with the help of this herb. It is included in nasal decongestants and is also recommended when the patient is having severe cough problem. It can also fight the symptoms of asthma and other ailments related to the upper respiratory tract system.

3. Asian ginseng.

Also called as panax ginseng, this herb is said to be beneficial in treating lung diseases.

Some clinical studies have demonstrated a therapeutic potential of ginseng extract for treating lung inflammatory disorders.

Asian ginseng contains ginsenosides also known as panaxosides, the chemical components that are known to be the key factors carrying medicinal properties.

4. Licorice.

Licorice is an excellent herb that can be extremely effective against lung diseases especially in cases of bronchitis and lung infections. It has been used for centuries in Indian Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicines. Ayurveda believes that it helps in enhancing the effects of the herbal preparations as an expectorant or demulcent. It is normally believed that the glycyrrhizin constituent is responsible for the biologic activity in licorice.

Apart from these natural remedies, one can also try natural herbal products such as Holy Basil/Tulasi from Himalaya for curing respiratory tract disorders without any side effects.


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