The Good Keto Diet Fats To Eat Healthy Beats Unhealthy in 2020!


🌟🌟 Healthy keto fats – the only fats that you should be eating on the keto diet. Learn what’s new in the science of healthy fats this year and beyond.

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👌 Now, let’s look at what the healthy fats are on the ketogenic diet.

The healthy fats of a ketogenic diet are butter, fish oil, almond oil, ghee, lard, nuts, MCT oil, coconut oil, eggs, yogurt, cream, bacon, olive oil, macadamia nut oil, nut butters & avocados.  All are examples of healthy, nutritious fats & foods that your body craves.

On the ketogenic diet, 75 percent of your diet will need to be comprised of these fats. It can be mind-boggling to figure out how to get so much fat in your diet to meet your macronutrient requirements.

The best way to get around this issue will be to get a few keto recipe books and prepare meals from there. Over time you’ll gain an understanding of how much fat you need in your diet and so on.

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