The Benefits of Quinoa Or… What Happens to Your Body, When You Eat Quinoa Every Day?


Quinoa is a type of grain that is often chosen by people who are hoping to get healthier, lose weight, or simply add more whole grains to their diet. Whether you want to lose weight or increase the nutrition you consume, it is an excellent option.z

Here are 8 reasons to eat quinoa Every Day.

1. Quinoa is a Major Source of Protein.

If you are concerned about how much protein you are getting in your diet, then adding quinoa to your regular diet is a great idea.It is one of the most protein-rich foods you can eat, along with being healthy in a number of other ways.In just one cup of cooked quinoa, you get 81/4 quarter grams of protein.

For a high-protein diet, it is great to add alongside your other protein sources. Or you can use quinoa to replace meat; and still get your desired amount of protein.It contains all of the nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein; just like meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, and fish.

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2. It is Gluten-Free

Whether you have a gluten intolerance, or you are simply trying to eat gluten-free as much as possible, eating quinoa can reduce stomach upset.

Sticking to a gluten-free diet while also remaining healthy is sometimes an issue, since many foods labeled as having no gluten make up for it by containing refined starches, instead. This isn’t going to be much better for you than the gluten.

In this case, you need grains like quinoa, that won’t affect your gluten intolerance, but taste delicious and are good for you.

3. More Fiber.

Quinoa is also an excellent source of fiber, containing nearly double of other grains. Fiber is important for many reasons, not just making you more regular. Fiber can also help to reduce your risk for diabetes, help with high blood pressure, lower your glucose and your cholesterol, and even prevent heart disease. Quinoa is something everyone should be consuming more of; and it’s easy to include in your meals regularly.

4. Quinoa is a Nutrient-Rich Food

If you are looking for grains that provide more vitamins and nutrients to your diet, quinoa is one of the best you can choose. In a cup of cooked quinoa , you not only get over 8 grams of protein, but also 5 grams of fiber, and nutrients like manganese, copper, folate, potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron.

5.  It Provides Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

Inflammation is a leading factor to a wide range of illnesses and medical conditions, so it makes sense that you would want to get as much anti-inflammatory foods in your body as possible. Quinoa happens to be an excellent source of anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce your risk for arthritis, appendicitis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

6. You Get a Lot of Antioxidants.

Another substance that is important for reducing illnesses and diseases is antioxidants.
These are found in many fruits and vegetables, as well as grains like quinoa. In fact, quinoa is known to have a lot higher antioxidant content than other foods, including legumes and cereals.

7.   Quinoa Has a Lot of Iron.

You need to have a certain amount of iron in your body to maintain healthy red blood cells.
If you feel faint often, or if you have ever had a doctor tell you that you’re anemic (or borderline anemic), it is usually due to low iron in your blood.

Iron helps to bring oxygen to the different cells and muscles of your body, so it is very important.
Luckily, delicious quinoa is a great source of it

8. It is Easy to Turn Into Delicious Meals.

Finally, consider how easy it is to make meals with quinoa;and incorporate it into your daily diet.
quinoa only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to cook tender enough to eat. It has a rich, nutty taste that complements a lot of different flavors.

From having quinoa as a side dish with chicken and vegetables, to adding some quinoa to your salad, baking with it or even making a quinoa and bean veggie burger; you’ll find this delicious grain very easy to eat every day.

As you can see, quinoa can provide a lot of health benefits, making it an excellent source of nutrition. Try eating quinoa on a regular basis and even every day if you can. Thanks for watching, and be well.


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