Strengthen Your Immune System To Prepare For The 2020 Coronavirus Epidemic

The latest news on the new human coronavirus coming out of China which started in December 2019 and is formally called 2019-nCoV tells us that those who are in most danger of contracting serious effects from the human coronavirus are those with a weak immune system. and with other health issues (most especially when it comes to heart and lungs).

When it comes to serious illness and possible death from the novel human coronavirus,  it is because of what is known as acute respiratory distress syndrome or ARDS.  During the past MERS and SARS virus epidemics, it was found that acute respiratory distress syndrome occurred when someone with a weakened immune system or an already compromised respiratory system contracted an initiating coronavirus.

With the new coronavirus, the Lancet reports that ” the 2019-nCoV infection caused clusters of severe respiratory illness similar to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus and was associated with ICU admission and high mortality.”

The Center For Infectious Disease Research reports that recent study “estimates that 14% of people hospitalized with a 2019-nCoV infection will die.”

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So, at this point, it is important to remind people not to panic. But you might want to know what you can do on a self-care level to protect yourself and your family that goes beyond the first level tactics recommended by the CDC and other health care professionals.

Let’s start with just how important your immune system is in the event that you or a family member contracts the 2019-nCoV virus. Plus, understanding what immune system boosters are and how they work will get you to realize that anything that you can do to boost your immune system is a good safe-guard against serious respiratory illness and, possibly, death.


In fact, you can think of  your immune system as the second line of defense again the novel coronavirus. The CDC has given the first line of defense by washing hands, avoiding infected people, not traveling to China and wearings face masks. But is that enough?

Knowing your enemy and avoiding exposure is only half the battle. Our bodies need our support in order to fight a never-ending war against harmful invaders, in general, and more importantly, now is the time to make sure that your immune system gets into fighting shape and stays that way.  The SARS epidemic lasted 6 months and it looks like this new coronavirus is not going way any time soon.

While our bodies can fight the war, we must give them the tools to fight at their most effective level.

And there are a few, completely natural tips you can follow to make sure you’re ready for any virus or bacteria you may encounter.

Here are 3 ways to be sure your immune system is ready to confront any virus including the new coronavirus.

1 –  Get plenty of sleep.

Your body cannot fight off viruses if it is fatigued. The best thing you can do for yourself is get enough sleep to feel rested. Sleep can also eliminate a lot of stress, which may also contribute to a weakened immune response.

2 – Stay hydrated.

This means two things; drinking plenty of water and eliminating sugars. That means you should replace your morning coffee with water. Sounds miserable doesn’t it? Caffeine robs the body of valuable water and energy and replaces it with nothing more than a quick jolt. Water comprises the vast majority of your body and it is one of the things that most people don’t get enough of. Water itself, especially when fortified with something like acai berry, is its own immune system booster.

3 – Proper nutrition.

Your body needs vitamins and nutrients to survive. If you’re not getting enough of them from your diet, consider a supplement like acai berry powder to boost the levels of vitamin A and C that you’re lacking. Acai berry also contains antioxidants, which will help you combat free radicals that come from our polluted air. Protein is the building block of the body. Fortunately, acai berry offers you a protein boost as well.

Many people consume far more fat and carbohydrates than protein. This means they tend to wear themselves out before the day is over. By boosting your protein intake, you give your body a source of energy for building muscle tissue as well as maintaining your immune system’s defenses. No meal is truly complete without a protein of some kind, but if you just don’t have time to eat chicken or fish with your pasta, consider acai berry powder to give you some of the protein your body needs.

It is easy to incorporate  acai berry powder into your daily diet by simply blending into smoothies, lattes, teas, oatmeal and more!

None of these tips to strengthen your immune system are hard to follow.

In fact, you should be doing them anyways just to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But not everyone cares to plan their life around their food and diet. So in order to build your immune system, you may need supplements to replace what you aren’t getting through your regular diet. acai berry powder is a great supplement to get in the habit over the next months until we know that the threat of the 2019-nCoV virus is eliminated.


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