Keto Diet & Dairy | Milk, Yogurt Cheese vs Almond, Soy Alternatives


🌟 Dairy free keto diet cookbook on Amazon. Can you have dairy on the keto diet? What happens when you eat cheese or yogurt and how does drinking milk affect your keto diet?

Since the whole point of the keto diet is to eat low carb, then consider that a cup of milk, on average contains 12g of carbohydrate content. That is a very big proportion of carbs when you want to keep carb intake down to 20 – 30 carbs a day – especially at the beginning of your keto diet.

So, consider milk and yogurt a no for the ketogenic diet and start substituting milk alternatives including almond milk or soy milk in your coffee. High fat heavy cream can be used now and then, but the alternative milks should be considered for daily use.

Of course, butter is a dairy product and one that you don’t want to remove from your diet. It’s high fat content is needed to meet your fat macro count so this is one dairy food you can have daily (including in your coffee!).

πŸ“” When it come to cooking, count on coconut milk for flavor and soy milk for lack of flavor. A good dairy-free cookbook to those on the keto diet is found at Amazon HERE.

You will want dairy-free recipes designed for the keto diet so get the right cookbook and you are good to go for how to keep high carb dairy out of your diet.

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Other alternatives are flax milk, hemp milk and cashew milk. With so many choice there is no reason to drink milk from a cow when on the ketogenic diet.
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