How To Use Grapefruit to Lower High Blood Pressure

The food you eat is critical in determining if you will have high blood pressure and if you can lower it. Eating less meat and eating more fruits and vegetables can lower your blood pressure.

High blood pressure occurs when fats, cholesterol, and nutrients in the food you eat start to accumulate along your artery walls. This narrowing of your arteries restricts the flow of your blood, increases your blood pressure and making you more susceptible to heart attacks and strokes.

If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high trigylcerides, grapefruit has been found to reduce the effects of these conditions.

One note of caution, before going on: If you are on any blood pressure drugs, do not eat grapefruits in combination with taking drugs. Grapefruit enhances the effect of  these drugs and can actually cause symptoms of overdose.

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Which Grapefruit Should You Be Eating To Lower Your Blood Pressure?

So which is better yellow or red grapefruit? reports that in a study made with people who had a history of high cholesterol;  those that ate the red grapefruit had the most effect in lower their blood pressure. The yellow also lowered blood pressure but not as much as the red grapefruit.

It was found in this study that grapefruit had a better effect in lowering blood pressure than statin drugs.

Red grapefruit are extra high in anti-oxidants and these nutrients are able to reduce your trigylcerides: the yellow are not.

Eat the red grapefruit when available and when it is not eat the yellow. Eat at least one – two per day. If you eat just before your meal or drink a glass of freshly-made grapefruit, you can expect to lose 1 or 2 lbs during the month. By eating 2 grapefruits a day expect to lose more weight.

Eating grapefruit has many health benefits, but one other is in controlling your insulin level. Studies have shown that those that eat grapefruits have lower insulin and glucose levels in their blood.

The Diabetes In Control website states that researchers have found that grapefruit enzymes help to control insulin increases that happen after you eat. These enzymes help digest your food better and this results in less nutrients being stored as fat.

In addition, grapefruit has also been found to be cancer preventative. It’s the phytonutrients – antioxidants – and especially lycopene that has been found helpful in preventing cancer.

Lastly, grapefruits are good for your because they are high in fiber, vitamin C, Vitamin A, and antioxidants – carotenoids, limonoid glucosides, & flavonones.

You can buy red and yellow grapefruits from November to May here in the US.  Off season, you can find grapefruit sections that are sweetened with the natural and safe monk fruit sweetener in the Walmart deli section.

What other foods and nutrients help to control blood pressure? I recommend  The Blood Pressure Cure: 8 Weeks to Lower Blood Pressure without Prescription Drugs by Robert E. Kowalski available at Amazon.  You can find the link below this video.

Please don’t wait to get your blood pressure under control. You can do it with the right foods and important supplements that your body needs to lower and keep your blood pressure at safe and healthy levels.  Find out more, here.

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