How To Make A Vegan Birthday Cake | Plant-Based Eating Tips

Do you have a strict vegan/plant-based family member who has a birthday or celebration coming up that traditionally calls for cake? If you’re not familiar with plant-based cooking. then you might not know what vegans do or do not eat. Even worse, you might have no idea how to replace what they do not eat.

But don’t worry. In this video, I explain exactly what you need to make the perfect cake for your vegan friend or relative. And best of all, no one will be able to taste the difference.

Let’s start with what plant-based eaters do not eat. They do not eat eggs. They do not drink cow’s milk. They don’t eat certain types of sugar. They don’t eat butter. And they don’t eat  dairy based frosting.

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What To Substitute When Making A Plant-based Cake?

1 – Eggs.

Eggs can be replaced by “EnerG Egg Replacer,” which you can purchase at many grocery stores. THis is the simplest and best choice for baking without eggs. The box will explain how much replacer to use per egg.

2 –  Dairy Milk.

Cow’s milk can be replaced by organic rice milk, soy milk, almond milk, hemp milk or coconut milk which doesn’t contain any animal byproducts. You can find many of these milk alternativs at your local grocery store now days.

3 – Sugar.

Many vegans do not consume sugar because it is often whitened by animal bone char. You can avoid sugar that is whitened by bone char by purchasing “unbleached” sugar, sugar in the raw, or beet sugar. There are some cane sugars, too, which were not whitened using bone char, but they hard to distinguish from others, unless you know the exact name brand.

4 – Butter.

Plant-based eaters will not eat food made with butter.  If your cake recipe calls for butter, you can simply replace it with margarine or vegetable shortening.

5.  Dairy.

Strict vegans also will not eat dairy frosting. If your recipe calls for frosting and you want to buy it already made in a can, then look for a similar flavor of “non-dairy” frosting or you can make your own, replacing butter with margarine.

6 – Chocolate.

Got a chocolate lover who is a vegan, too?  In today’s world,  finding a non-dairy baking chocolate for plant-based baking is easier than ever. You can find certified vegan baking chocolate online at Amazon.

In fact, if you don’t want to bake a cake from scratch, there are actually cake mixes just for vegans also at Amazon, of course!

The Vegan Knife Gluten Free & Vegan Birthday Cupcake and Cake Mix


If you are determined to make a plant based birthday cake from scratch then you now have the knowledge needed with this ingredient replacement list for your vegan cake. Simply follow the list to replace vegan-unfriendly items in your recipe, and your cake will be perfectly fit for even the strictest plant-based eater.








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