How Do You Start A Plant Based Diet? 7 Mistakes To Avoid

Starting on a new plant based, whole foods diet always seems exciting initially. The promise of change and getting the body you’ve always dreamed off is impressive. Taking control of your health and improving it feels like an achievement.

However, once most people get into the grind of things, the excitement wears off really fast as reality sets in. Sacrifices you’ll need to overcome urges and cravings while you do your best to stay true to your new whole foods, vegan style diet. It’s a Herculean task.

To make matters more challenging, you may be making mistakes that you’re unaware of. These errors could be impeding your progress and making things more complicated than they need to be.

Seven common mistakes that people make when they adopt a plant-based diet.

1. Trying to make changes overnight

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There are two ways to start any diet- plant-based or not. You either go all in and go cold turkey overnight, or you take the slow approach and ease yourself into the diet. There are pros and cons to each method, but it’s always advisable to take the slow approach.

When you gradually adopt the plant-based diet, you’re giving your body time to adapt. You won’t feel as frustrated, and your physiological changes will be less impactful.

2. Not reducing the consumption of sugar

Many people assume that all they need to do is avoid meat and meat by-products. Yet, they neglect an ingredient that is far worse than meat. They don’t reduce their consumption of refined sugar in most processed foods.

Sugar is inflammatory to the body, minimize your consumption. Get your sugar from fruits or natural sources like honey, stevia or pure maple syrup.

3. Not planning the meals

As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” When embarking on a plant-based diet, it’s best to plan your meals. It will take the thinking out of the equation when you’re hungry. Having a meal plan means that you know what to eat, and you can stay focused.

4. Eating the same foods all the time

Don’t always consume the same foods that you’re used to. It can lead to boredom and in some cases, nutrient deficiency. Be adventurous and try new plant-based foods that you’ve never tried before.

Sometimes, you may not need to change the foods. You just need to learn how to prepare different dishes using the same foods. It will add variety to your diet and keep you interested.

5. Not eating intuitively

Be mindful of what you eat. Even on a plant-based diet, ask yourself if you’re hungry before eating. Taste the foods. Feel the crunchiness of the vegetables in your mouth. Try and ascertain when your stomach is full and stop eating when it is all full.

6. Not using supplements

Get a bottle of multivitamins and minerals. You may wish to supplement with protein shakes, etc. Supplements will help to shore up an incomplete plant-based diet. You may struggle to eat broccoli or kale just for the protein. No worries. A plant-based protein shake will make up for the shortfall. Your diet is not supposed to be torturous.

7. Lacking kitchen experience

You must learn to cook if you wish to get the best out of the diet. Relying on food that you can buy is not a good option. Most food sold in restaurants focuses more on taste rather than your health. So, do your cooking at home and whip up tasty and nutritious plant-based meals.

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Avoid making these seven mistakes, and you’ll be much more likely to succeed with the plant-based diet and reap the rewards. Give yourself two months to truly immerse yourself in the diet. In most cases; you’ll never look back. Start today and feel the difference.


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