HELP! My Weight Loss is STALLED! Break The Keto Plateau For Good!


If your weight loss efforts are at a stand-still on the keto diet & you thought that once in ketosis, you would never stop losing weight…well, think again.

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Hitting a diet plateau sucks. Now you have to go back over the tenants of the Keto Diet to find out what went wrong since this is one of the most successful ways to lose weight – IF followed correctly.

Following a ketogenic diet isn’t simply about foods and getting in the appropriate macronutrients. And this is precisely why people complain of weight loss stalling out and reaching a plateau. In this video you will find 7 reasons why your weight loss has stalled and you are in the dreaded, Keto Plateau and what you can do to break it for good!

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We can begin with the most obvious and that is that you mush have thrown yourself out of KETOSIS. Ketosis is a tricky state to maintain.  The entire foundation of the ketogenic way of eating is based on maintaining a state of ketosis. Cheating and indulging “just this time” could potentially throw the body out of ketosis and throw you into a keto diet plateau.

If cheat meals or cheat days are allowed, the body stops using ketones for fuel and switches back over to glucose. And even if the ketogenic diet is back in full-force immediately after a sweet treat or deep-fried fat-fest, it still takes 24-48 hours for ketone production to begin again.

What else will put your keto diet in the stop position? Well, eating too much or not enough. And, how about stress, hidden carbs and exercise. How do they stall your weight loss efforts?

Watch video and find out the 7 ways your keto diet has reached a plateau and what to do about to break the keto pleateau for good!

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