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حولالصحافةحقوق الطبع والنشرالتواصل معنامنشئو المحتوىالإعلانمطوّرو البرامجالأحكامالخصوصيةالسياسة والأمانآلية عمل YouTubeتجربة الميزات الجديدة

“I tried a few of your suggestions in the Gout Diet book and I feel a difference already! This seemed to have helped a lot! Boy was I eating the wrong type of foods. Now I gradually changed my diet, I dropped some pounds but better yet, my joints feel stronger and I don’t experience that pain in my elbow any longer. Drinking nothing but water though has made an immense difference in how I feel. Limiting meat in my diet, I think is the key! I personally think, you’ve unlocked the key to good health. I can’t wait for my next blood test to see where my uric acid level has dropped to! God bless you mate!”

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