Exercise Won’t Make You Lose Weight – How To Eat Yourself Skinny

As a smart person who is passionate about looking and feeling amazing, you know that eating right is the secret to looking great. It’s far more important than exercise.

Rachel Markley, M.P.H summed it up best in her piece published on the Baylor College of Medicine website:

“It seems odd to me that some value a $40 to $50 per-month gym membership, yet they complain about the cost of produce and other whole foods. What they may not know, however, is that there is a lot of science to suggest exercise is not the magic bullet we are searching for when it comes to getting thin.” – Rachel Markley, M.P.H., research assistant for the GoWoman study

In fact, in a recent article on the australian news.com website entitled, “I Lost 49kg Without Exercising,” a local woman told how she shed half her body weight in less than a year — without hitting the gym. She revealed that the only exercise she did each day was ‘incidental’ — such as housework, roaming around the shops and walking her children to school. What helped this woman loses so much weight is a short amount of time? The answer is eating right on the ketogenic diet.

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She changed her lifestyle and nows eats keto-stlyle, but, let’s be truthful;  the so-called “eating right” can be a brutal endeavor. The healthy version of eating right on a keto diet  is typically grilled meat with a side of green vegetables. Yep, and it sure can get BORING!

The “whatever, I only care about cutting carbs” dirty keto version of the keto diet has been greasy fried meats smothered in cheese.

That may sound cool at first but it gets gross after a while. Even the most fanatic keto diet, meat eater among us craves a nice crusty slice of bread once in a while!

Here is some splendid news.  There’s a way you can now enjoy the blazing fast fat loss you experience on keto when you eat like a health nut while continuing to enjoy foods like bread, cake, and spaghetti.

Discover How To Eat Yourself Skinny in a collection of keto recipes books that wil give you variation and delight in your keto diet meal plan.

And no, you won’t be eating disappointing wheat alternatives or cauliflower imitations.

Here is a secret: The kitchen is your gym.  Your cooking skills are a superpower that let you eat yourself skinny! If those poor souls at the gym knew your little secret, they’d put down the dumbbells and pick up a spatula!

If you’d rather wine and dine than rise and grind then you’re going to want to visit KetoPassion.com and find out – How You Can Get Skinny Without Sweating Buckets At The Gym.

One More Thing: I’m not bashing exercise. You can continue going to the gym while benefiting from from eating to get skinny.  But if it’s something you don’t enjoy, you can skip it and still look fabulous.

Find out more at KetoPassion.com.

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