Does Keto Diet Raise Cholesterol Levels? Debunking Keto Diet & Cholesterol Myth


🌟🌟 Does the ketogenic diet raise cholesterol levels? Well, that is the number one keto diet myth. Find out why the keto diet does NOT raise cholesterol and the true culprit when it comes to good cholesterol health.

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The truth is that the real culprit is – are you ready for it? SUGAR! Sugar is the most dangerous substance on the planet when it comes raising cholesterol levels. The myth that the keto diet increase cholesterol must go. The actual truth is that it’s not fatty foods that raise your blood cholesterol levels.

Sugar leads to inflammation in the body. This inflammation will cause the body to release cholesterol… and it’s THIS situation that leads to high cholesterol levels.

Truth is – the keto diet actually helps cholesterol.

The keto diet is rich in fat, but it’s all good fat. Coconut oil, which has had a bad reputation for ages is highly beneficial to the body. At the other end of the spectrum, the hydrogenated vegetable oils that line the supermarket shelves are highly detrimental to your health and lead to inflammation.

The keto diet also requires you to eliminate most processed foods from your diet (unless you follow the dirty keto diet) – see my video on dirty keto vs clean keto at

On the keto diet the goal is to keep your blood sugar levels low and stable & you’ll not only be preventing inflammation and high cholesterol levels, but you’ll also be preventing diabetes and unnecessary weight gain.

Consuming lots of healthy fat will make the body ‘burn up’ its fat stores more readily. This will translate to greater fat loss and a lower cholesterol level. So, to answer the question, “Does the ketogenic diet raise cholesterol levels” ; the answer is no.

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