Cream Cheese Wonder Bread Chaffle Keto Chaffle Recipe Bread Hack


🍔 Looking for another wonder bread chaffle recipe? This Keto chaffle recipe uses cream cheese for a more bread like chaffle (ie. bread hack)for keto buns and sandwiches.

It uses the popular chaffle seasoning, Everything Bagel Seasoning Blend, found at Amazon, here.

The recipe assumes you will be using the most popular mini-waffle (chaffle) make on Amazon.

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I have already made a video for making wonder bread chaffles but I forgot to include a variation of this popular chaffle used for holding your burger or making stuffed keto sandwiches, called Cream Cheese Wonder Bread Chaffles.

You can get a printed version of this Keto Bread Hack here.

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How the Keto Bread Hack began:

If you don’t know what a chaffle is, it is a waffle made from cheese (usually cheddar or mozzarella) and egg only, so that it fits the keto diet as a great lo-carb, high protein waffle (it is called a chaffle from combining the word cheese with waffle).

Chaffles can be eaten alone as a cheese snack or loaded up with stuff in between 2 chaffles. Cream Cheese Wonder Bread Chaffles are perfect for keto sandwiches & are best made in a mini-waffle maker to make a perfect sized keto chaffle burger bun.

Thanks for watching!
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