Control Blood Pressure Naturally with Food- What To Eat and Not To Eat

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Now onto today’s topic which is a quick overview of which foods are bad for hypertension (or high blood pressure) and what foods are best to eat to keep your blood pressure in control. Lowering your blood pressure with food and diet is the most natural thing you can do to stay healthy or reverse conditions such as hypertension.

Over one third of Americans have hypertension. Many people think that they need to be put on medication to get their blood pressure back to normal; and for some people that is the only way to get their blood pressure back in the normal range. However, for others, there are natural food remedies for lowering blood pressure (and some food you should do without).


1. Cut The Fat

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Another remedy is cutting out fatty foods. Try to stop eating at fast food restaurants; those are the worst places to eat if you are trying to get healthy. Stop eating fried food, fried chicken, fried pork chops, fried fish; it’s all bad for you. If you still want to eat those kinds of food, well, you can. Just bake, broil or grill it.

2. Stop Salt Intake.

Salt. Cut it out all together. There are other things out there to add flavor to your food including spices and Mrs. Dash salt-free spice mixes.

3. No More Soft Drinks.

One of the hardest things I had to do is cut back on my sodas. It’s true, look on the back of the labels of the next drink you have. You would be amazed at the high level of sodium that goes into each serving.

I know the alternative for soda doesn’t sound too appealing; however water is the best alternative for you. Water doesn’t do the damage that soda does and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper. It will make a world of difference in the way you feel as well.

Now, here are some foods to include regularly in your daily foods diet.

Eat plenty of fruit including, apples, grapes you name it. Fruit is good for you. Try to eat grapes for a snack instead of pigging out with candy and potato chips. They taste just as good and it’s a whole lot cheaper and better for you.

There are some vegetables and spices that are known to help control your blood pressure. Many of these are very common vegetables and spices so you may be helping your blood pressure and not even know it.

Tomatoes are also a beneficiary to controlling blood pressure. They are high in GABA, a compound that helps lower your blood pressure.

Broccoli contains several blood pressure reducing ingredients. Carrots also have many compounds that do the same. Introducing these vegetables to your diet will do wonders for your blood pressure. Even if you don’t suffer from high blood pressure, it’s best to keep it at a safe level and take the extra precautions to get there.

Garlic and celery are also great to add to your diet. Garlic is good for the heart which you’ve probably been told before. Eating just one clove of garlic a day has been proven to be beneficial.

There is even an essential oil that you can take daily. Onions’ essential oil is very beneficial for controlling  blood pressure. If you have two to three tablespoons of this essential onion oil a day, it could help reduce your systolic levels.

I know all these changes in diet may be tougher to do than you would like. However you have to take that first step. I wouldn’t recommend trying to cut everything out all at one time. I would take one step one week to eliminate the bad foods and go all out to include the good foods.

There is even a diet called The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches To Stop Hypertension)The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches To Stop Hypertension) that was created specifically to help lower high blood pressure.

In January 2018, DASH was named the number 1 for “Best Diets Overall”, “For Healthy Eating”, and “Best Heart-Healthy Diet”; and tied number two “For Diabetes”(out of 40 diets tested) in the U.S. News & World Report’s annual “Best Diets” rankings.

The National Heart, Blood, and Lung Institute helped develop the DASH diet. The DASH diet helps you eat nutritious foods.This is not just a traditional low-salt diet. The DASH diet emphasizes foods high in calcium, potassium, and magnesium, and fiber, which, when combined, help lower blood pressure.

It has been widely studied and shown to have many health benefits including lowering high blood pressure, reducing the risk for heart disease, heart failure, and stroke as well as helping to prevent or control type 2 diabetes. Lastly, the DASH diet even helps to improve cholesterol levels. With all of the benefits, it is no wonder that health professionals recommend the DASH diet over the other many fad diets that come and go.

You can get a free DASH diet book,  here.

It’s your life people, and you are the only one that can determine if you want to do this. If you decide to go with these hypertension natural remedies, your body will thank you for it, and so will the people who love you.

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