Coffee For Losing weight : Lose 15 pounds in 21 days On The Coffee Diet

Can you really lose weight just by drinking coffee?

Well, Dr. Bob Arnot wrote a best selling book on what he coined as “The Coffee Lovers Diet”  that says you can. (But more on that a little later.)

Can you really lose 15 pounds in 21 days?

Yes, you might just be able to achieve this feat;but there are some facts to know to make it all work.

First, let’s begin with how coffee enhances weight loss starting with your metabolism.

Coffee is known to help you lose weight due to it’s caffeine content. Caffeine has a direct effect on increasing your metabolism.

Caffeine stimulates the nervous system. and releases the hormone epinephrine. (also known as adrenaline).
Epinephrine signals fat cells to break down and release fats into the blood. This makes the fat more available to be used as fuel. and increases fat metabolism.

Also, caffeine can boost your resting metabolic rate which means you may end up burning more calories around the clock.

How’s this possible? Two words: METABOLIC RATE.

The higher the metabolic rate, the faster the metabolism. Losing weight becomes easier. Eating more and not gaining weight takes less effort.

Next, coffee turn out to be an appetite suppressant.

If you drink coffee 30 minutes to three hours before eating, you’ll generally consume fewer calories. Just so you know, the decrease in appetite diminishes significantly after four hours.

It is recommended that you drink up to about four cups throughout the day may optimize these effects.

In addition to speeding your metabolism and encouraging fat-burning, coffee might make you a little more able to stick with a diet or get moving more because it can combat fatigue.

Coffee is also a mild diuretic that encourages the kidneys to release extra sodium and water from the body. This could result in a reduction in the amount of water in your body that may register as weight loss.

On top of all that, coffee has prebiotic properties that may promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. These prebiotic properties can cause increased fat excretion producing a mild laxative effect. Which results in a lack of absorption of fat calories, which could promote some weight loss.

Now, back to Dr. Bob Arnot’s coffee diet.

The diet encourages drinking at least three cups per day of  a special kind of roasted coffee. High-phenol (or high-antioxidant) coffee beans should be selected and they should only be lightly roasted so that they retain the most phenols. The next step is to prepare the coffee similar to the Greeks. Grinding the beans correctly, using the best water temperature for extraction, and selecting methods that have a longer extraction time is key.

In his book, Dr. Arnot goes into more detail about how to prepare the coffee plus he says that you need to follow  diet rich in plant-based foods much like the Mediterranean diet. To take it a step further and lose weight by drinking the correctly prepared coffee throughout the day, he says to re­place meals with smooth­ies made with chia seeds (the recipes are in the book).

“The smooth­ies will keep you full, the cof­fee will keep you happy—and both help you keep calo­ries down while load­ing your body with dozens of nu­tri­ents that tur­bocharge weight loss.”

At any point you wish, you can be­gin re­plac­ing one or two smooth­ies a day with a Cof­fee Lover’s meal, which, like the smooth­ies, contain bonus types of phe­nols not found in cof­fee. While us­ing this plan, drink plenty of wa­ter in ad­di­tion to cof­fee. And, of course, it is rec­om­mended to only drink your coffee black.



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