Call It Clean or Call It Dirty Keto Dieting – Maybe A Little Of Both!

What is the difference between Clean Keto and Dirty Keto?

Here is some information on what is called dirty when it comes to the keto diet and what it is called a  clean keto diet. Which one will you follow when it comes to low carb, high fat eating?

The ketogenic diet is a weight loss program that limits carbohydrates and includes plenty of healthy fats. Devoted keto dieters are strict with their food intake and make it a point to count every individual item that goes into their mouth (this is called counting macros). They eat whole, unprocessed foods and monitor their fat, protein and carbohydrate ratios in great detail. Their aim is to force or keep their body in a state of ketosis at all times.

The major factor in a keto diet it that it is intended to have your body burn fat instead of glucose for its energy needs. Those who strictly follow the diet claim losing weight fast in just a few days of drastically reducing their carbohydrates as well as keeping the fat off by staying strict with their diet.

But, it turns out that there are two kinds of ketogenic diets. One is called, ‘Clean Keto’  and this is the one that devotees follow the most. The other is referred to as ‘Dirty Keto’ (and is sometimes looked down upon by the clean keto followers.)

So what is the difference between Clean Keto and Dirty Keto?

Clean Keto Follows A Strict Keto Diet Plan

The clean keto diet follows the principle of eating foods with low carbohydrate content (less than 50 grams per day) and they absolutely must be whole, clean – even organic- healthy foods. The reason for this is that followers of the clean keto diet put much stock in eating foods that keep you feeling fuller longer due to their high fiber content, such as green leafy vegetables and since vegetables are so often sprayed with pesticides and raised with harmful fertilizers, clean keto diet followers insist on organic all the way.

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Along the same lines, clean keto diet followers eat only grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork, free-range eggs, wild-caught seafood and other meats that are completely unprocessed and without harmful hormones or pesticides.

The clean keto diet is often referred to as the strict keto diet. You only eat healthy, whole foods. You do not eat any processed foods at all. Although the keto diet allows nuts and dairy, there are even some advocates who avoid these foods since they believe nuts and dairy will not help them with fast weight loss.

If you are on the clean keto diet, then drinking alcohol is a definite no-no. It all boils down to eating a clean diet, without eating anything processed or even drinking an occasional glass of wine.


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Dirty Keto Is For Those That Want To Live A Little

If you decide you want to go keto, but don’t particularly want to follow the restrictions as tightly as those on the clean keto diet plan, then it is said that you are following the  much-aligned ‘dirty keto diet’.

The dirty keto diet allows you to eat anything as long as your carb intake remains low and it’s still high in fat. This way of eating does not focus as stringently on where you source your food and nutrients, just as long as you follow the keto diet ratio of macros (fats to carbs). In other words, this diet allows for a lot of convenience, so you can eat whatever is available or on hand, provided you keep the carbo-fat percentage intact.

It is easy to understand why some people prefer to go for the dirty keto diet when we all lead such a busy live and it is not always so easy to organize our meals in advance. Sometimes, we just have to throw a ready-made frozen meal in the microwaverather than have to wash, chop and peel vegetables for practically every meal,  as well as pay for more healthy cuts of meat.

If you enjoy being in the kitchen, then you won’t find cooking keto meals a chore at all. Weighing your foods, watching the portions, counting the ratios etc., may all be fun for one person, but not for all. Usually the one it’s not fun for is the dirty keto dieter, who may find the convenience of other foods a  better choice. Dirty keto dieters will look for foods that are as low in carb as possible, but the meat may end up being processed or greas-fed vs all organic, all the time. Plus the vegetables may not always be organically grown and they just might settle for non-GMO instead.

Modified Clean Keto Is My Choice

Since we are making comparisons here, we might also mention that some people follow what can be considered as a ‘Modified Clean Keto Diet.’ The rule here is 80% clean, whole, organic foods and 20% of other foods that might not fall under the strict rules of a clean keto approach.  Let’s face it. Endlessly counting macros and making it a point to only buy organic foods can become tiresome and run into a bit more money than cheating now and then and buying non-organic meas and vegetables.

Also, being able to splurge now and then on a fast food hamburger or chicken burger (less the bun, of course!) and ordering a salad to replace the fries can make life a little more enjoyable and and a lot less up-tight.

At the end of the day, dirty keto dieters or those that follow a modified clean keto diet will find that their macros may not look all that bad;  however, the clean keto dieter’s nutrients will look a whole lot better! The lesson here is to eat as healthy as you can and can afford but don’t take life so seriously that you end up being a prisoner to any one way of eating 100% of the time. Live a little!

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