Are Artificial Keto Sweeteners Good Or Bad Why Sucralose Is Not OK On A Keto Diet


Are Artificial Keto Sweeteners Good Or Bad? Why Sucralose Is Not OK On A Keto Diet

Keto sweeteners that are artificial are bad for the Keto Diet. In this video are 4 specific reasons not to use sucralose, aspartame or saccharin in your keto diet.

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These are all bad keto sweeteners. For years, low carb cookbooks and advocates would put artificial sweeteners in their recipes. Then the followers of the KETO DIET made it clear that eating healthy foods, including any sugar substitutes, is one of the main tenents of the ketogenic diet.

The thing is that unhealthy, artificial sweeteners can halt your keto diet in it’s tracks. Yes, sucralose can kick you out of ketosis. It also prepetuates sugar cravings (something the keto diet is supposed to stop) as well as has other factors to why these keto sweeteners are bad.

So what is the best keto sweetener that is actually healthy and natural?? You see many of the sugar substitutes that are being touted as natural are really highly processed sugars even though they they started out as natural. They are not called artificial because the base element is natural but the processing negates any label of healthy that is often tagged onto keto sweeteners.

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