We write articles and make them into videos with voice overs and easily readable text.

 We post the vides all week long on our youtube channel, called, Munch For Wellness.
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We also have set up a library of FREE PDF ebooks in both English and Spanish for your further education. These are free and downloadable so please enjoy!

But, who are we, you might ask.

We are a retired couple living at the base of the Rockies.  We promote eating healthy because we have personally experienced the effects of poor eating habits and are now at the age where it is catching up with us. We see our children and grandchildren go the way we have over the years and we hope to educate them to make the changes we wished we had earlier.  Because our privacy is important to us, you won’t see our faces or hear our voices directly, but we do care. We care about our health, the health of generations to come….and, of course, your health.

Glad to meet you and please, stay tuned for more videos, more FREE PDF health and wellness ebooks. Check back often and don’t forget to SUBSCIRBE & hit the ALERT bell to get notified!



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