4 Ways To Use Cayenne Pepper For Arthritis Joint Pain


It is good to know that some individuals are able to get arthritis pain relief from natural remedies, including, of all things, red chili peppers.

Cayenne pepper, made from red chili peppers, is famous for reducing many types of pain. Cayenne contains a compound called capsaicin. Capsaicin is the ingredient that gives peppers their heat.

Generally, the hotter the pepper, the more capsaicin it contains. In addition to adding heat to the pepper, capsaicin relieves pain.

Ointments made from capsaicin have been found to relieve the pain of arthritis when applied externally.

Capsaicin improves blood flow and circulation, and releases natural endorphins, which help combat pain and discomfort. When taken internally, capsaicin triggers the release of endorphins in the brain; which has a pain relieving effect similar to that of morphine.

Cayenne pepper is available in many different forms, including capsules, oil, creams, and edible chili pepper.

Here are 4 Ways To Use Cayenne Pepper For Arthritis Joint Pain

1. Rub Cayenne Pepper with Caster Oil

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Mix a small amount of red pepper with a small amount of castor oil. Soak a paper towel or cloth in the mixture. Apply the damp paper towel or cloth to the painful area.

Some recommend applying and leaving on overnight; but try it first for only an hour, or two to be sure it does not react adversely. Then, If you notice a decrease in pain with no reactions, aim for overnight relief.


2. Consume Cayenne Pepper As Spice

Purchase the cayenne pepper as a dry spice, and add to your food.

If you have digestive problems, you may notice a few complications at first.

For many, their body needs to adjust to the pepper, as it can be difficult to digest.

Start slow, like with 1/8 tablespoon. Overtime, work your way to two teaspoons a day.

You can scatter this dosage out over different meals.

Red pepper can be added to most foods.


3. Apply Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce

Purchase hot sauce that is made from cayenne pepper. The hot sauce label should state the main ingredient is “aged cayennes”.

Apply to the painful areas of your body at least two times a day.

Many report this home remedy does work, but there is the possibility of stained clothes.

4. Purchase Cayenne Pepper Cream

Purchase an over-the-counter topical cream, with capsaicin as the main ingredient such as the well recommended Dr. Christopher’s Cayenne Heat Ointment.

These creams are known to work for arthritis pain.

As with any natural home remedy, it is important to consider the risk; and speak with a trusted medical professional.

The active ingredient, capsaicin, can interact with a number of drugs, including acid reducers, aspirin, blood thinners, and ACE inhibitors. Check with your doctor, if you are taking any of these medications.

With all natural and home remedies, it is important to remember that cayenne pepper may provide relief from some, but not others. It is best to experiment to find the best pepper remedy and dosage.

The longer you take these home remedies, the less pain you will experience.

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