10 Best Foods For Anxiety


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10 Best Foods For Anxiety

High levels of anxiety and stress are a common problem for many individuals and the numbers of those dealing with this unwanted health problem seem to be growing every year. This horrible disorder can cause feelings of increased worry, nervousness and even panic. Fortunately, there are foods that can help to lower the severity and and symptoms of anxiety, especially when combined with other strategies such as getting a good nights sleep, deep breathing techniques and exercise. Due to the complexity of this disorder, always discuss with your medical practitioner for further treatment and prevention methods. Now, lets discuss some amazing food choices to help ease symptoms related to anxiety.

1. First, salmon is a great choice is you are looking to reduce anxiety and can be quite effective in this regard, This is because salmon contains important nutrients that can have anxiety reducing effects. These nutrients include omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, EPA and DHA. Studies have shown that both EPA and DHA can help regulate serotonin and dopamine levels, which can provide a calming and relaxing feeling. Vitamin D can also have a positive effect on promoting feelings of calmness.

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2. Turmeric is an incredible superfood that not only promotes our health many different ways, but can reduce symptoms of anxiety as well. This is often attributed to its high levels of curcumin, which studies have shown can prevent anxiety disorders and promote brain health. Curcumin can also boost omega-3 fatty acids and DHA in the brain, which we already known can have positive effect on anxiety levels as mentioned above. The high levels of potent antioxidants in turmeric can also be helpful in this regard.

3. Surprising to some, but consuming yogurt can also be beneficial for relieving unwanted symptoms of anxiety. It is a great choice when it comes to reducing anxiety. Yogurt, especially varieties without added sugar, is loaded with healthy probiotics, a healthy bacteria which can provide several benefits of well being, including mental health and anxiety as studies have shown. Yogurt can help to reduce free radicals and neurotoxins that can lead to symptoms of anxiety overtime.

4. Consuming avocados can also help to reduce symptoms associated with anxiety and stress. They are loaded with vitamin B6, which is an important nutrient that can promote serotonin levels and have positive effects on mood and calmness. As well, avocado is loaded with other important B-vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin and thiamine, which not only have positive effects of the nervous system and reduce anxiety, but when there is a deficiency in these vitamins, there can be increased levels of anxiety.

5. Blueberries are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants and in fact, have one of the highest amounts of antioxidants out of any other food choice. Both vitamin C and antioxidants can help to provide relief from anxiety and anxiety symptoms and important, as studies have shown, vitamin C and antioxidants can help with both the reduction of anxiety and the prevention of these unwanted symptoms in the first place.

6. Almonds are a also a great choice when it comes to reducing anxiety and promoting calmness and easing panic. This is because almonds are a great source of magnesium, which studies have shown can be effective at treating symptoms related to anxiety. It can help to regulate serotonin levels in the brain and provides healthy fatty acids and other nutrients that can support anxiety relief.

7. Chamomile tea has long been used for its calming effects and has been shown to help reduce anxiety and its symptoms. Not only can it help to reduce inflammation, but it is packed with high amounts of antioxidants, which we have already discussed can be beneficial for relieving and lowering anxiety symptoms. Several studies have found that those individuals who consumed chamomile tea regularly had a greater reduction in anxiety related symptoms then those who did not.

8. Dark chocolate, which should be consumed in moderation, can also help to reduce anxiety effectively and easing many symptoms associated with it. This is because dark chocolate contains unique flavonols, antioxidants that not only benefit brain function and brain health, but also help to improve blood flow to the brain and circulation which can help us deal with stress and anxiety more productively.

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